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Taylor In Vegas

I just got back from three absolutely fabulous shows in Vegas.  I now call it The Taylor Hicks Experience!  Taylor, Jamie McLean Band, The three Brians, bongoist and Mark make a tight band.  Each show was unique with a fresh take on our faves and new songs.  If you can go I urge you to see Taylor in Vegas.  You don't want to miss this opportunity.  Ü

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WATW audio @PanicStream

Check it out...PanicStream posted the entire WATW audio for your listening pleasure or download. Accessable on your mobile also. http://t.co/yt5DAN2k

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The Blues Historian Challenge


Tom, the Blues Historian, a long time supporter of Taylor, has posted the Birmingham vid from ORE on his site.  He also has a list of the top ten most views posts from the last year.  Taylor's posts for this time period have not had enough views to make the list.  Let's see if we can get Taylor on the list and while we are at it let's get him to #1.  I believe we can as we have many times in the past..  All you have to do is go to…


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Taylor & LIMBO

Excellent mentions of Taylor & LIMBO as being part of the Telluride Jazz Fest. Ü

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The Blues Historian/Rough God Goes Rining


Rough God Goes Riding video by Taylor Hicks at Pittman NJ is featured on The Blues Historian today.   http://bluesman2001.blogspot.com   Be sure and watch it on his site, rate and leave a comment.  Support those who support Taylor.  Blues Historian is now on twitter.  Follow @bluesprofessor for latest updates.  Ü

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Panicstream featuring Taylor Hicks Live concert


Panicstream is featuring Taylor Hicks Live Concert 7 Cedars Resort Sequim WA

 Go to panicstreams.net and on the right side under new-non WSP streams click on Taylor Hicks 2010.  It never hurts to let…


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The Blues Historian featured vid: Taylor Hicks' Who Do You Love/Big Boss Man

  Comment from Tom, The Blues Historian:  "Taylor Hicks jamming the blues.  The man is a bluesman I just don't understand why the blues crowds haven't accepted him yet".

Well, I don't understand it either but Tom certainly does his part to promote Taylor to the blues crowd.  Let Tom know we appreciated his support by watching this featured vid on his site. Remember to watch, rate, and…


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Blues Historian WRIR tags vid



The Blues Historian, a long time Taylor supporter, is once again featuring a Taylor Hicks, vid : WRIR tags from R2R.  Check it out on his site http:// bluesman2001.blogspot.com   View from the site, rate, comment.  Let Tom know how much his support is appreciated.  Thanks.  Ü

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The Blues Historian new vid



       Tom, The Blues Historian has added another vid of Taylor's to his online collection:  'Georgia'  He gets more hits when he posts Taylor's vids then any others.  He thinks Taylor has an amazingly supportive fan base.  If we take the time to view, rate and comment at his site I know he will keep posting. The first comment this time is obviously not a SPer. Thanks.



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The Blues Historian Archives

Check out the archives at the Blues Historian a Taylor Hicks supporter since 8-07.  Scroll from then to now; watch, rate, comment from the site.  This is a treasure trove of Taylor singing the blues.


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Christmas Medley

Gregg added Taylor's Christmas Medley from Christmas in WA to his Today's Christmas ch. Hurrah! Ü

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White Christmas by Taylor

If you happen to be a fan of Subway or McDonalds you just might hear Taylor's White Christmas music in the background. Both have subscribed to radioio's Christmas music business channel and Gregg added WC to the playlist. Yea, Gregg! One fan at a time. Ü

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Radioio Today's Christmas

Gregg is hosting Today's Christmas on radioio and he added Taylor's AOL sessions White Christmas. It sounded so FANtastic just now. I finally caught it as there are so many Christmas cds out there that without one for Taylor I had to listen a long time to catch it. Not any other version that he's played is like Taylor's version. Ü

http://www.radioio.com/ Today's Christmas

You can download the iodesktop player and it's right there all… Continue

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