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Chapter 152 planes hit people. On the spacious lawn, four field tents stand surrounded by a ball of light. The ball is a ball of light, which shines brightly outside the tent. Zhou Lina and Mu Feier sleep together, and the rest of the people each have a tent. This is the "home" where reincarnation plans to survive for five days. Late at night, the stars are shining, except for the sound of insects, and occasionally the plane flies across the night sky, which is very harsh in the quiet lawn. The plane is really noisy. Meng Xiang put his hands on his head and tossed and turned in the tent, unable to sleep. The first night on duty is Han Fan, he is loyal to his duties, a person sitting outside the tent, looking up at the night sky, listening to the movement around. In fact, this panoramic view of the lawn, what will happen? Meng Xiang is restless, they are here to avoid the pursuit of death, in fact, there are traces to be found. In the sequel, Claire, the heroine of Death, hides in a mental hospital and places all safety equipment in the room, even the walls are soft, so she escapes the pursuit of death. The reincarnation is on the lawn at this time, which is similar to Claire's idea. However, the only difference is that from the beginning, the main God has changed the plot, so the people included in the death list,drum spill containment, can they still use this move to escape the disaster? "Meng Xiang, haven't you slept yet?" Han Fan, who was on duty outside, asked in a low voice. No, what's the matter? Meng Xiang climbed out of the tent. He couldn't sleep anyway. He might as well breathe outside, chat and make time. I wonder, what is the power of death? If it really wants to kill us, it will open a deep pit directly in the ground, and I believe we can't escape. Han Fan's question, Meng Xiang had already thought about it countless times,plastic pallet box, and he immediately replied: "According to the setting of Death Comes, the method of death killing is to rely on Cao to control some micro-xiao objects that have little impact. Through mutual cooperation, accidental killings occur coincidentally. For the killing method caused by the pure force of cracking the earth, death Nong does not come out." "That's true." Han Fan breathed a sigh of relief, but his face still did not put down the nervous mood, at this time, another plane passed through the sky, the engine noise was so loud that they could not hear what each other was saying. After the plane flew over, Han Fan said: "This is a punishment plot, but also a death drama, we are absolutely not safe here, but no matter how I think, I can not think of how death attacks us.". Since the earth can't crack, is it a meteorite impact? It's impossible. That's right. In fact, death's killing methods all depend on external objects, especially artifacts, such as cars, electricity, steel needles and so on. Before Meng Xiang had finished speaking, plastic pallet supplier ,spill plastic pallet, another plane flew over, and the sound was even louder, which made their ears ring. The car is a human Cao vertical, death as long as through a simple combination of events, can kill people through the car, such as blowing down the soda bottle with the wind, and let the soda bottle against the brake, the car brake is not enough, leading to the killing of life. Han Fan murmured, looking up at the night sky, a bright spot flying in the distance, and the sound of the engine became clearer and clearer. The plane can also be Cao vertical by hand, right? Han Fan suddenly came out of this sentence, Meng Xiang heart a tremor, then there is a kind of foreboding. Death's pursuit in "Death Comes" is different from the general attack, because it is composed of accidental factors, killing people on the list of death by coincidence, so even if the potential lock is unlocked, it is impossible to foresee the emergence of crisis. What Meng Xiang felt in his heart at this time was not a sense of crisis, but some strange premonition, as if something was wrong, but he could not say it. As the noise of the plane grew louder and louder, his heart grew louder and louder. He looked up at the plane and suddenly shouted in horror, "Han Fan, wake them up quickly. We have to get out of here." "Leave?"? Why Han Fan had not yet figured it out, but felt that the engine of the plane was getting louder and louder, and he could hardly hear what Meng Xiang had said. He suddenly figured out what, hurriedly opened Jiejuan's tent, while Meng Xiang pulled open Zhou Lina and Mu Feier's tent with one hand. At this time, the noise of the plane had drowned out his shouts. Meng Xiang did not have time to think carefully. He lifted the quilt and carried Zhou Lina and Mu Feier, who were sleeping in the quilt with cotton in their ears, on their shoulders and flew out of the tent. Whoa! What are you doing? Zhou Lina and Mu Feier screamed at the same time, as if they had met a lady-killer. At this time, Jiejuan had already started to mention Han Fan, and she couldn't sleep. As soon as she heard Han Fan's cry, she came out. The sound of the plane's engine was so loud that their eardrums were almost worn off. Jiejuan carried Han Fan to the south, close to the ground, while Meng Xiang used "shaving" to fly to the north, even though she was carrying a girl on her shoulders. But Zhou Lina and Mu Feier were tall and light, and Meng Xiang unlocked the potential lock level 2, so it had little effect on his degree. Meng Xiang did not dare to look up, he tried his best to stay away from the tent as far as possible, an invisible pressure fell from the sky, as if the sky was about to fall, and then, the fire ignited from the rear, a huge explosion accompanied by a hurricane like the impact of Bo to Meng Xiang, Meng Xiang involuntarily lay down on the ground, faintly felt that the impact of Bo seemed to contain some kind of Coming right at them. Meng Xiang did not have time to think about it carefully. Even though his body was already close to the ground, his feet still kicked wildly to the ground. With the strength of the rebound, he moved forward 4 or 5 meters. He only felt a pain in his back. It seemed that he had been hit by some kind of hard object. He could no longer keep his balance. He cut his head on the grass with Zhou Lina and Mu Feier. Zhou Lina and Mu Feier climbed up from the ground, looked behind them, their faces were blue, and they cried at the same time. The blazing fire reached a height of more than 20 meters, and even though Meng Xiang had already jumped far away, he still felt the scorching heat coming from the 1angb 1angbpeople. He struggled to get up, felt a dull pain in his back, glanced at the left side of his eye, and saw an object similar to a wheel placed beside him,plastic pallet bin, apparently hitting him with the wheel. A few meters behind them, a large iron frame weighing tons was deeply pressed into the grass mud. If Meng Xiang had not kicked the ground and bounced 4 or 5 meters when he was lying on the ground just now, the three of them would have been crushed into mud. cnplasticpallet.com

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