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Ancient Chinas Four Great Inventions AUGUST 22 2021

Ancient Chinas Four Great Inventions AUGUST 22 2021

From the 1st century before Christ until the 15th century, China was the world's leader in many disciplines of natural science, with the four major innovations having the most worldwide impact.
The four main innovations of ancient China, papermaking, printing, gunpowder, and the compass, are important contributions of the Chinese nation to world civilisation.The first country to invent paper was China. Words were written on various natural materials by ancient peoples before it was invented, including grass stalks by the Egyptians, earthen plates by the Mesopotamians, tree leaves by the Indians, sheepskin by the Europeans, and, strangest of all, bamboo or wooden strips, tortoise shells, or ox shoulder blades by the early Chinese. Later, inspired by the technique of silk reeling, ancient Chinese people succeeded in creating the first silk-based paper, known as "bo." However, because to a lack of resources, its manufacture was extremely costly. Cai Lun, a court official in the early years of the second century, createdBark, rags, wheat stalks, and other elements are used to create a new type of paper. It was relatively inexpensive, light, thin, and resilient, and it was better suited to brush writing. The method of manufacturing paper initially moved to Korea and subsequently to Japan around the beginning of the third century. In the Tang Dynasty, it entered the Arab world, and in the 12th century, it reached Europe. It arrived in America via Europe in the 16th century and subsequently spread around the world.
Prior to the invention of paper, Qin Shihuang, China's first emperor, had to lug around 120 kilograms of official papers printed on bamboo or wooden strips. In 1986, a paper map from the Western Han Dynasty was discovered in Tianshui, Gansu Province.










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