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At 7:37pm on January 21, 2013, Angela roy said…
you piss me right off or a threesome with taylor hicks your choice.
At 7:54pm on December 27, 2012, mond105 said…

Happy Hollidays to you too Nancy

At 4:58am on January 8, 2011, Denise Hill Barlow said…
Hey there Nancy!  I noticed I haven't talk to you here since March of last year.   OMG!  With any luck I'll have a new computer in a few months.  Then I can chat with anyone anytime I wish.  Keeping my fingers crossed.   Talk to you soon (I hope)
At 5:33am on December 22, 2010, roger said…
At 9:50am on May 5, 2010, Union theocratic gov Divine of J said…
A paz de Jesus !!
Quanto ao Senhor, seus olhos passam
por toda a terra, para mostrar-se forte com
aqueles cujo coração é totalmente dele.
Os olhos do Senhor estão sobre tua vida.
Alegre-se! Nada pode ser melhor que estar sobre a
proteção, a graça e o amor do Pai. Falta algo?
Pense em quantos precisam, o que está neste
momento sobrando em tua vida...Tenha fé, alegria
e esperança. O melhor de Deus ainda está por vir!
Desejamos um bom dia, Por favor me add em seu MSN preciso muito dialogar com você. Deus te abençoe, sendo possivel faz seu cadastro em nosso site
MSN reino.jesus@hotmail.com
At 2:34pm on April 16, 2010, tygrlillie gave Nancy Paonessa/Nancymunchkin a gift
Thank you for the bears - they are too adorable!
At 9:22am on April 1, 2010, Lubiana said…
Nancy thank you so much for the gift! I'm sorry I'm on vacation right now and can't be on here much- thanks again!
At 1:06pm on March 29, 2010, Denise Hill Barlow said…
Awwwww, thank you for the sweet gift. It's adorable!
At 7:54am on March 29, 2010, Juliegr gave Nancy Paonessa/Nancymunchkin a gift
Thanks for the gift! I'm glad you had a wonderful time seeing Grease over the weekend and ignore the naysayers -- even (or especially) if they are family members.
At 1:33am on March 29, 2010, Penney/TaysLadybug gave Nancy Paonessa/Nancymunchkin a gift
Thank you
At 4:59pm on March 28, 2010, jerseyirish gave Nancy Paonessa/Nancymunchkin a gift
At 4:15pm on March 28, 2010, Trisha Ladouceur gave Nancy Paonessa/Nancymunchkin a gift
At 12:00pm on March 6, 2010, Denise Hill Barlow said…
Oh ok! Yeah, Kathrine is feeling alot better and so am I. She thinks it turned out to be a good thing because they aren't ready for another baby right now. They might be moving by the end of the year and it would be hard to do with a new born to take care of.
At 3:33pm on March 4, 2010, Denise Hill Barlow said…
Which one? LOL I've lost track of what I'm posting and where. LOL
At 9:00am on February 3, 2010, Tish Pomykal said…
Whooo, going to see Taylor in Grease!! Have a great time. :)
At 4:35pm on January 25, 2010, Nancy Paonessa/Nancymunchkin said…
That is ok, Trish I am always behind, I am behind now too LOL
At 9:57pm on January 20, 2010, Trisha Ladouceur said…
Hi Nancy.
Sorry I took so long accepting your invitation....I've been so busy lately, I haven't had much computor time. Hope to get to know you better.
At 1:02pm on January 15, 2010, Denise Hill Barlow said…
Goodness, no Nancy. I'm not mad at you for any reason. I've not been on the web too much lately myself. (mostly on FB) I have been dealing with my own personal issues lately. I'll e-mail you soon and fill you in on the latest in the life of Denise Barlow. LOL
At 4:36pm on December 29, 2009, Denise Hill Barlow said…
I know! I was able to vote the first time I went to the website but when I went back to vote again it did the same thing it's doing to you. I'm going to try again tomorrow and see what happens.
At 4:33pm on December 26, 2009, Denise Hill Barlow said…
Hey Taylor has done so much for us, lets all get together and vote for Taylor.
http://tweeter.faxo.com/Best_American_Idol_Ever Let's go Soul Patrol


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