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Sunday morning I was hellbent on getting some coffee at least before the hotel closed the buffet...so at around 9:05 I'm looking for the urns when I see Jeff Lopez helping himself to some oatmeal...he greeted me so friendly and said come sit with me and chat...
The hotel guy, who happened to be from Alabama said he'd get my coffee for me if I said "Rolltide"...LOL Then I was like who is that for Auburn or B'ama...they both set me straight and we sat for a very nice time...Jeff ate his cereal and told me how glad they all were to be touring with Taylor, how he'd be there for him because he so believes in him and the music...
I told him about my brother who plays keyboards and still has a band for club and wedding dates...and that he sometimes regrets not traveling more...Jeff said this was the only life for him, its whats makes him happy....He's a real talker so its hard to remember all that was being said, but he and the band (and Taylor) really appreciate the fans and the support we've given him.
I asked him why he didn't come down to the bar the night before but he said he just didn't feel like drinking too much...he really is very sincere and easy to talk with....
Then Clay and Lief walked in, Lief got some coffee to go and Clay was like "come on, we're moving out"....Jeff says come on walk with me...I went as far as the hall leading to the door....and said goodbye there...didn't really want to approach the van...and actually I think Taylor follows in a black town car or something like it...what a great finale to a kick-ass four days of shows...I love this band...and I love Taylor for bringing this music into my life...

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