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Citations are one of the most important parts of assignment writing. Students struggle with citing sources and look for help from websites. With tools like Turabian Referencing, students have found an easy way to cite sources. But it is equally necessary to know the right ways to cite sources. You will face various tasks in the future where you need to know the ways to cite to ensure that the papers are Latrobe Referencing and authentic. Students are unaware of the best ways to cite sources and struggle to keep up with the processes. Here’s a look into the three best ways of citing sources:

  • Direct quoting

There are instances where students use direct quoting to acknowledge sources. You will come across documents where there are quotes from books or other research papers. These are used to justify points and convince readers. But it is recommended not to use direct quoting too often. Using your own words to essay typer an assignment is better than using quotes too often. Also, you need to share the necessary credits if you use quotes from books or other works. Students who find it difficult to acknowledge the sources can use a essay checker tool to get things done easily. It will help them acknowledge correctly and sail through the papers.

  • Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is the art of using an existing idea to justify your points. You are not allowed to copy and paste the ideas. You have to use your own words to express these existing ideas. It is equally important to acknowledge the source you have used to justify your points. Students have trouble understanding the art of paraphrasing and often end up copy-pasting the existing idea. You will face consequences if you do that. It is important to know how to paraphrase and cite sources accordingly.

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  • Summarising

Summarising is an easy way of using other works in your paper. The concept is all about condensing key ideas of another author and using them to describe or justify your topic. Do not confuse summarising with the summary you write for your assignment. You need to learn the best ways to summarise and acknowledge the source you have used. A deakin referencing tool can help you overcome the odds and create flawless papers.

Citation needs a lot of understanding. You need to be careful with the process and work on your papers accordingly. It will help you score well and be ahead in the race. Look for websites offering the services of citation tools to ease the overall process.

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